Vision, Mission and Values


“To protect the assets of all in South Africa against extraordinary risks”.


The vision will be achieved via our mission of driving a sustainable and vibrant business by:

⇨ Balancing shareholder value creation with having a positive social impact

⇨ Providing excellent customer service

⇨ Being clear and consistent in our communication to our stakeholders

⇨ Developing the skills and capacity of our employees

⇨ Improving our current strategic partnerships and establishing new ones

⇨ Providing innovative and relevant products


The Values that underpin Sasria’s pursuit of its stated vision and mission:

⇨ Professionalism – we will treat our stakeholders – i.e. customers, employees and shareholders – with respect and dedication while remaining accountable to them.

⇨ Integrity – we will conduct ourselves in a manner that is fair, transparent and ethical, and uphold high levels of equality and trust.

⇨ Teamwork – in the performance of our tasks we will be guided by the ideals of unity of purpose, cooperation and mutual respect.

⇨ Innovation – we will create opportunities for creativity and learning and encourage same amongst our employees.

⇨ Customer Centricity – We strive to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.


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