Why do property owners need Sasria cover?

An increasingly restless population may bring the uncomfortable prospect of costly damages to your property.


The prospect of your business property or home being torched to rubble during a violent protest or terrorist attack may seem far-fetched.

While SA has not experienced incessant terror attacks, the reality is that violent protests are increasingly sweeping across the country. And this reality may bring costly damages to a property for individuals and businesses.

Sasria – a state-owned enterprise that was formed in 1979 to protect assets against defined events, being primarily politically-motivated acts of terrorism and political riots – is willing to take on the costs.

Sasria is the only insurer in SA that covers damages incurred from special risks such as civil unrest, protests, labour actions or acts of terrorism. About 70% of its customers are businesses and the remaining 30% are individuals.

It’s no secret that there’s still a general feeling among consumers and business owners that insurance is a “grudge purchase” due to the perceived high premiums that many people have to shell out.

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