A 40-year story of risk, reward and metamorphosis

Sasria: A 40-year story of risk, reward and metamorphosis

Self-sufficient with a clean audit and no state guarantees.

South Africa has come a long way in the last 40 years. We have moved from being a pariah state to joining the league of leading nations addressing common global challenges – inspired, led and continually motivated by one of the world’s greatest statesmen.

The country may not yet be quite as envisaged in the constitution, but even the most colourful butterfly must go through several stages of life first and recent changes in the body politic give many reasons for optimism that we may finally be well on our way.

Business, whether private or state-owned, has had to adapt through this journey, ensuring that it stays in step with the prevailing collective ambitions and aspirations of the nation – and there are few corporate entities that possess the kind of agility and adaptability required to survive a changing business landscape quite like Sasria.

In 1979, following the tumultuous events of 1976 sparked by a society no longer willing to live under an illegitimate system of government, Sasria was formed with rather modest capital of R50 million. This was in response to the fact that mainstream insurers no longer had the appetite to insure risks associated with political unrest. Read more