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As a country, South Africa is grappling with a plethora of socio-economic issues that affect many communities. Dissatisfaction is usually expressed through protest. This exposes individuals’ assets, businesses or even tertiary institution to possible loss or damaging because of strikes or riots.

Offerings and Products


Having insurance allows you or your business to prepare for any uncertainties that may arise. Our special risk insurance is exactly the solution to safeguard your assets against such incidents.

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Corporate and Commercial

All businesses are exposed to a variety of risks, with our special risk cover, we aim to prepare you for such uncertainties. Sasria’s special risk insurance is the perfect solution in keeping you at ease and assuring you that your assets are protected.



The curveballs that life throws at you are inevitable. What would happen if your house or car got damaged as a result of strikes or riots? Luckily, our short-term special risk insurance is just the solution you need.


Insurer & Broker

Sasria partners with a network of agent companies, brokers and underwriting to offer affordable special risk cover for clients.

In such a competitive market space, it can be challenging to find a risk cover – or professional advice for that matter – that suits your client’s needs. We pride ourselves in offering your customers a solution that is easy, convenient and valuable; giving business owners the confidence in knowing that should an a Sasria peril induced occur, your clients are safe.