Our people

We believe in creating an environment where all our employees, regardless of their skillset or position, can make their work experience meaningful. This invariably leadsto a higher cause and motivation which translates into a passionate, innovative and committed team. One that can make a positive contribution to the development, growth and transformation of South Africa and assist in delivering on our strategic mandate.

The insurance industry is a service-driven sector and our people are at the heart of Sasria SOC Ltd’s customer-centric approach. So even though we do not have direct contact with our end-users, each and every stakeholder along our service value chain is just as important. We therefore make a significant investment in the learning, development and growth of our people through a variety of opportunities such as staff bursaries, exposure to local and international seminars, on-the-job training and study assistance for employees’ children through to tertiary education.

We also advocate diversity to its fullest extent as we know that this is the key to unlock innovation and potential. This means that we go beyond gender, race and religion and also celebrate diversity in age, personality, work style and preference. Sasria SOC Ltd is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and believes that no individual should ever be disadvantaged by artificial barriers or prejudices. We have equitable representation in terms of gender and race in all occupational categories and levels.