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Sasria clarifies call to finalise claims

JOHANNESBURG – Friday, 17 June 2022: Sasria SOC Ltd has noted the confusion across the industry after it issued a circular in relation to the finalisation of claims relating to last year’s July unrest in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

Sasria would like to assure all stakeholders that the company has every intention to honour lodged claims. The circular that was issued was in relation to two parts of claims that are not moving. These are claims that have been reported and liability was acknowledged, with Saria waiting for the client to provide accurate information so that the claim can be quantified. The second part is where the quantum of the claim has been established, an offer was issued based on the terms and conditions and the client has not reverted.

Sasria believes adequate time has been given so that these claims can be finalised, with some clients failing to provide critical information required. It’s almost a year since the July unrests and like the entire insurance industry, it would like to close most claims emanating from the unrest.

Muzi Dladla, Executive Manager for Stakeholder Relations at Sasria, said: “We are not saying we are repudiating or denying covering these claims. We are not removing ourselves from these claims. Rather, we want to see the industry being able to recover and individuals back in business.”

Dladla emphasised that Sasria will no longer actively pursue these claims, after a significant amount of resources were invested to deal with all claims, some being complex. Over 21 000 claims were lodged in both provinces, the majority of the damage has been paid out by Sasria.

Dladla acknowledged that the circular caused a scare in the market and emphasised that in as much as the circular puts the claimants on terms to close the files, Sasria will not deny accepted liability. He said Sasria will be communicating with the industry as they give clarity and context on why this is done, and the eagerness to finalise these claims.

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