RFP- Email Management Solution   Tender Release Date: 07/02/2020 – Closing Date:2020/02/26

RFP- Disaster Recovery   Tender Release Date: 07/02/2020 – Closing Date:2020/02/26

RFP- Marketing Service Agency   Tender Release Date: 29/09/2019

RFP- Learning Management System   Tender Release Date: 20/08/2019

RFP- Appointment of a Panel of Forensic Investigation Services   Tender Release Date: 02/08/2019

RFP- Design and creation of Library/ Museum for Sasria’s 40th Anniversary   Tender Release Date: 26/07/2019

RFP- Reinsurance Broking Services   Tender Release Date: 22/07/2019

RFP- Culture Transformation Strategy   Tender Release Date: 14/06/2019

RFP- Managed Security Operations Service   Tender Release Date: 14/06/2019

RFP- Boardroom Audio Visual   Tender Release Date: 19/06/2019

RFP- Claims system   Tender Release Date: 21/05/2019

RFP – Enterprise Governance Risk & Compliance Tool   Tender Release Date: 21/05/2019

RFP- Provision of Hygiene Management Services   Tender Release Date: 24/06/2019

RFP- Appointment of Panel of Legal Service Providers   Tender Release Date: 14/06/2019

RFP- Head of Actuarial Function Services   Tender Release Date: 30/04/2019

RFP- Integrated Report Editorial Services   Tender Release Date: 05/04/2019

RFP- Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Application(S)   Tender Release Date: 02/04/2019

RFP- Appointment of Asset Managers for Incubation Programme   Tender Release Date: 08/03/2019

RFP- Head of Actuarial Function Services   Tender Release Date: 01/04/2019

Expression of Interest: Enterprise Development Fund   Tender Release Date: 11/03/2019

RFP- Implementation of Business Intelligence: Big Data Analytics Platform (BI-BDAP)   Tender Release Date: 31/01/2019

RFP – Reinsurance Broking Services   Tender Release Date: 09/01/2019

RFP-Appointment of a service provider to render co-sourced Information Technology Audit Service   Tender Release Date: 19/12/2018

RFP – Incubation of Asset Managers Programme   Tender Release Date: 14/12/2018

RFP-SharePoint Online and Public Website   Tender Release Date: 14/12/2018

Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System RFP   Tender Release Date: 20/11/2018

RFP-Infrastructure Platform   Tender Release Date: 19/10/2018

RFP- Unified Communications Solution   Tender Release Date: 23/10/2018

RFP- Asset Consulting   Tender Release Date: 18/10/2018

BID DISCRIPTION: Procurement and Implementation of Service Management System

BID NUMBER: Sasria 2018/05

ISSUE DATE: 8 June 2018

CLOSING DATE AND TIME: 10 July 2018 at 12h00

CONTACT DETAILS: Procument: Email: procurement@sasria.co.za

Telephone No : +27 11 214 0800

SUCCESSFUL BIDDER: Pink Elephant (Pty) Ltd

RFP- Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Application(S)
RFP – Insurance Management System
RFP – Head of Actuarial Function Services RFP 2018/11
RFP – Implementation of IFRS 17 2018/13

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