The cover applies to motor cars, light delivery vehicles, commercial vehicles, motor fleet, motor traders, mobile plant, taxis, bus rapid transport (BRT) and trailer. The Sasria SOC Ltd motor cover is a standalone policy and does not attach to the terms and conditions of an underlying policy.

The Sasria SOC Ltd premium rates are charged on the use of the vehicle rather than the type of vehicle, other than buses, motor traders and mobile plants, which are rated on value.

In the case of total loss, Sasria SOC Ltd will pay retail value.

The motor cover extends to damage to an uninsured third party motor vehicle, where a Sasria SOC Ltd peril was operational. This cover is available, provided liability has been accepted by Sasria SOC Ltd on the own damage claim. This applies to road risk and not static risk and if the policy holder was liable.

The cover is limited to South African territorial limits with the exception of temporary visits to Namibia (60 consecutive days).