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The motor cover from Sasria will cover your vehicles against damage or loss in motor cars, light delivery vehicles, commercial vehicles, motor fleet, motor traders, mobile plant, buses, bus rapid transport (BRT) and trailers in an event of these being damaged as a results of strikes or riots.


Taxi insurance cover refers to M3 vehicles, which are used as a mode of public transport for fare-paying passengers. MINIBUS (Having a seating capacity between 9 and 19 including the driver) MIDIBUS (Having a seating capacity between 16 and 35 including the driver)


This car cover is meant for M1 cars, which are private vehicles used for domestic and professional purposes.


This insurance cover refers to four or more cars owned by or in custody and control of an organisation, institution or individual looking into taking a Sasria cover. Each vehicle that falls under a fleet cover will be categorised according to their declared use.

Light delivery vehicles

This refers to M2 vehicles which are typically below the 3500kg mass and used for commercial purposes and to carry goods for trade purposes.

Heavy commercial vehicles

These are M8 vehicles which have a mass of 3500kg and over. These vehicles must be used for commercial purposes and carry goods for trade purposes.

Bus rapid transit (BRT)

This cover is available for M7 vehicles, which are busses that are authorised to operate along a rapid transport lane in a bus rapid transport system. They must have the design and capacity to facilitate access of passengers to and from dedicated boarding facilities.



Unlike the M7 BRT vehicles, this cover refers to M5 buses which are designed to carry more than 35 persons, including the driver.


Traders motor vehicles are categorised as M4 cars which are owned by, or in the custody or control of a motor dealer, a panel beater, or people in similar professions.

Mobile plant

The M6 mobile plant vehicles are specifically designed to be used on a construction site and registered to be driven on a public road.

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